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December 1, 2018

Coron Island Quick Guide

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since we last posted our travel. Been busy planning our wedding ❤.
Anyways, here’s our quick itinerary for Coron, Palawan. We didn’t have an intensive itinerary as we wanted to be more laid back and relaxed.

Day 1

We started our day at 3PM, given that our flight arrived in Busuanga at around 11AM.

From the airport, it will take around 30 minutes to get to the town proper by van (150 pesos per person). We stayed at Cebuano Lodge, it is still relatively new and we are looking for really cheap accommodations. We are a group of 4 and we paid 2,500 pesos each for 6 days. The place is ideally for backpackers since the rooms are small. The downside is that it is a 5-8 minute tricycle ride away from the town proper, meaning it is far from the usual convenience (stores, restaurants, etc.).

Mt. Tapyas

If you’re not too athletic like us, do not put this on your Day 1 itinerary in Coron. It is at least 700 steep steps to get to the top for a bird’s eyeview of Coron, and it is worth it. Make sure bring water with you as it will be a total sweat fest.

Mt. Maquinit Hot Spring

After the pain and glory of reaching the peak of Mt. Tapyas, we decided for a relaxing dip on Maquinit Hot Spring. Entrance Fee – 200 pesos.

For dinner, our tour guide, Kuya Allan recommended Carl’s BBQ which is a great and affordable place. We loved their sisig and sizzling squid.

Kuya Allan’s contact number: 0995-319-9360

Tricycle tour fee – 800 pesos (200 per person).

Day 2

Reminder: It is best to have your aqua shoes ready since the ocean floor in Coron is pretty rocky. Snorkeling gears are also needed if you want the full experience. There are establishments near the port that have aqua shoes and snorkeling gears for rent (300 pesos each).

Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon

One of the highlights of our trip. Definitely a must visit when you are in Coron. It is approximately a 30 minute boat ride from the port. Entrance Fee – 300 pesos.

Smith beach

A beautiful white sand beach where we had our delicious lunch.

Since the islands does not have restaurant for obvious reasons, our boatmen had beforehand bought and prepared the food. Fee – 150 per person for cottage rental.

Skeleton Reef

No visible skeletons on sight, but the wrecked ship a few meters deep will give you the creeps. This place is great for snorkeling and scuba diving. Fee – 150 pesos.

Private Boat Fee – 3000 pesos (excluding food). It is up to you on the islands you would want to visit. We originally would be going to the Coral Garden, but something unexpected happened that we had to end our tour early.

Day 3

Our third day has been dedicated to island hopping. The travel time to Malcapuya Beach is about an hour and a half. The other destinations are 5-10 minutes away from each other. All the beaches are just wonderful!

Malcapuya Beach
Cottage usage fee -150 pesos per person

Ditaytayan Sand Bar
Fee – 150 pesos per person

Bulog Dos
Fee – 150 pesos per person

Private Boat Fee – 4850 pesos (excluding food).

Day 4

Straying away from the beautiful beaches of Coron and with our goal of befriending giraffes, our fourth day is on Calauit Safari which is approximately 1 hour and a half of travel by land (and a quick boat ride) from the town proper.

We rented a private van for 5000 pesos and paid for the boat transfer for 500 pesos (not per person, one time payment for our group of 4). The entrance fee is 200 pesos per person. This is only our preferred way of transport and we mo longer wanted to go on another island.

Our guide suggested (and it totally makes sense and budget friendly) is to go to Calauit Safari by boat (3 hours) and then the boat can take us to Pass island afterwards.

Ideally it is best to go to Calauit Safari in the morning when the heat is not too harsh and it is the best time to see the giraffes (they might be already resting by noon and hiding from the sun).

After our trip to Calauit Safari, the inner titos and titas in us decided that we call it a day and rest.

Day 5

Day before our flight, we roamed around the town to buy souvenirs – cashew nuts and dried fish “danggit”.

In the late afternoon, we were on our way to Kingfisher Park to witness some fireflies and planktons in action.

Our way of transport is via tricycle from our guide – 200 pesos per person for our group. Travel time is around 20-30 minutes.

We got there early so we had time to walk around and see the mangroves. The fireflies seeing via kayak boat starts at 7PM and the fireflies and just marvelous. It’s almost pitch black so we didn’t have photos. It is best to go when the moon is not too bright. If you look closely, there are also glowing planktons if you make a disturbance in the water. Kayak tour price – 300 pesos per person.

Our flight back to Manila is at 1PM the following day so we arranged an airport transport with our accommodation – 150 pesos per person by van.