AirBnb Staycation: Casa Del Sol Amadeo

Looking for a sweet staycation? No need to search far and wide as Casa Del Sol Amadeo is here! This is one of Airbnb’s best staycation location perfect for every occasion. Located only in Tagaytay and a 1-2 hour drive from Manila, Casa Del Sol Amadeo is a perfect escape for a relaxing weekend.
The whole place is totally AMAZING and very instagram worthy with the mix of rustic and hippy vibe. We fell in love the moment we walked in. Plus, there are a lot of stuff you can do within the premises. Fun filled staycation guaranteed.
Just to set your expectations, this is not a hotel so please read the house rules and guidelines before booking.

They can accommodate up to 16 persons which is perfect for events or team buildings. You basically rent the entire place and have access to everything below:

Lots and LOTS of beds and resting areas

Everything is so vibrant and appealing to the eyes. They have bunk beds to accommodate large groups and everything is so comfortable.

Please note that there is no air conditioning within the entirety of the house. But the temperature is just right being it located in Tagaytay, though it can be really cold at night and early morning.

Also, the house adorned with nice stuff and books. Just be careful not to break anything.
Entertainment system (FREE KARAOKE!)

Yes, you read that right. Unlimited use of the karaoke during your stay (with curfew of until 12 midnight). They also have guitars and amplifiers free to use.


It would really be convenient for guests to bring their own food to be prepared and cooked inside the house. They have a lot of kitchen equipments and utensils available (coloful plates and a really nice dining table) – actually they almost have it all there.

Guests can cook, bake, roast, have milkshakes, brew coffee, microwave popcorns, or grill some barbeques. They even have a washing machine with dryer! The nearest supermarket is at least 7 to 15 minutes away via car.


Guests can use the mini Bali inspired pool all to themselves.

Fun games

There are board games and activities guests can borrow. Just advise the caretaker beforehand as the games are locked inside a cabinet.

Price and side notes

It is P7,997 per night for the first 4 guests. There is also an additional of P500 for every additional guests after 4 guests and a P400 cleaning fee.

The parking space is outside of the gate. They have free gallon of drinking water and basic dishwashing needs. Toiletries not included. No big parties. They offer wine and alcoholic beverages.

Additional Note:
the caretakers are super nice and accommodating!

You can check their available date through AirBnb – click here

Again, read their house rules and guidelines before booking so you will know what to expect.

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